The Exchange Network

The Exchange Network was initiated in 2014 in response to feedback from patients and carers we work with. They wanted to work more collaboratively, moving away from traditional committees and advisory groups towards a shared learning network. 

The Exchange Network was co-designed and tested and has met 22 times since 2013 and has a membership of 50 patients, carers, clinicians, researchers and managers. 

The network is a shared space for learning and leading together focused on engagement, involvement, improvement and research. 

Awarded the Involve at 21 "Best Overall" Poster

This poster was illustrated by graphic illustrator Sandra Howgate and co-designed with patients and carers.
Awarded 'Best Poster' at the Involve at 21 Conference 2017

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To find out more and join the network contact
Rachel Matthews ¦ ¦ @RHMreflects