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posted 15 May 2015, 02:07 by Derryn Lovett   [ updated 14 Jul 2015, 04:45 ]
Health Foundation Webinar: How successful change happens in the NHS and what national bodies can do to help

Featuring CLAHRC NWL's Julie Reed (Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow)

The NHS Five year forward view has articulated the changes the NHS needs to make to improve care and meet the demands of a growing population, within available resources.

The key question for those working in national bodies is: how they can support the NHS to turn this vision into a reality?

In this webinar, Clare Allcock, Felicity Dormon and Dr Julie Reed share findings from our recent report Constructive comfort: Accelerating change in the NHS. They set out the key factors needed for successful change in the NHS and explore what makes it hard.

This webinar also looks at how the NHS can strengthen its ability to change, and specifically how national policy can support and catalyse this.