QI4U Editorial Board

NIHR CLAHRC NWL in conjunction with OCB Media and Health Education North West London has developed an eLearning resource, QI4U (http://qi4u.ocbmedia.com/login), with the aim of building capacity for a systematic approach to quality improvement for frontline NHS staff and service users. QI4U was developed using an iterative approach from learning and training resources already within CLAHRC NWL.

Formally launched in November 2015, QI4U is targeted towards but not limited to frontline clinicians, academics, researchers, managers, patients and service users. The interactive elements within the modules and the website hosting the modules was developed in partnership with OCB Media (http://ocbmedia.com/)  a spin-off company from the University of Leicester.

Currently QI4U hosts eight quality improvement modules, each taking approximately one hour to complete and focuses on how to effectively use quality improvement methods within improvement projects. The modules are designed to enhance user experience with videos, diagrams, pictures, interactive learning elements and easy to read text. Each module also hosts a reflective diary that allows learners to document and reflect on their learning along the way and use this as evidence for continuing professional development portfolios for professional registration.

The eight modules are:

  • Action Effect Diagram
  • Process Mapping
  • Mental and Physical Wellbeing 
  • Measurement for Improvement 
  • Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles
  • Patient and Public Engagement and Involvement
  • Long Term Success
  • Stakeholder Engagement 

The aim of the board is to ensure that QI4U   provides high quality, contemporary and relevant content and that it is reaching and being used by a wide user group, including patients and other service users.   The board will also consider the impact of QI4U outside of CLAHRC NWL.