Cross Cutting Themes
Our cross cutting themes go across the work we deliver via the delivery themes to embody the NIHR CLAHRC NWL ethos.

Collaborative Learning and Partnerships
This cross cutting theme really contributes to better healthcare by:
          • providing access to the latest evidence about how to improve care delivery and allowing participants to benefit from practical training, teaching and facilitation
          • bringing together a wide range of people who can work use these opportunities to build their skills and learn about new developments in healthcare
          • offering a way for clinicians, managers and others to connect with a wide range of people from across the NHS who can provide support and expertise to help with care improvements
          • creating a supportive and developmental environment to help healthcare professionals to plan and embed positive change.

Under this cross cutting theme we are seeking to:
          • evaluate how quality improvement (QI) methods help to apply new practices and support patient benefits
          • learn how applying QI tools can be improved
          • develop ways of supporting teams to create long term success
          • support the spread and transfer of knowledge between various teams.
Mental and Physical Wellbeing

There is an increasing awareness that physical and mental health are closely linked and that by concentrating on both areas major improvements can be made in patients’ lives. Under this theme we:
          • embed whole person thinking across all delivery themes and projects
          • involve patients to gain a better understanding of the interaction between physical and mental wellbeing
          • identify priorities for improving the physical healthcare of mental patients and mental health of those with long term conditions
          • build up collaborative working across mental and physical  health providers, commissioners and patients
          • monitor and show demonstrable in clinical outcomes, patient experience and value for money.
 Patient and Public Engagement & Involvement

This work will provide access to expertise and data to help the NHS in North West London:
          • to act scientifically and practically by devising interventions that are based on patient needs and preferences
          • engage with patients and the public and front line staff to produce new ways of working
          • capture the valuable insights and experience of patients and the public when designing or commissioning health services
          • utilise the extensive local intelligence and networks available to build long term success across primary, secondary and tertiary care settings.

As part of this theme we will:
          • build capacity and a capability for measurement in the delivery themes
          • create an online “improvement hub” to provide support for those who are designing new care interventions
          • evaluate projects to demonstrate their  health and economic impact
          • use population data  from multiple sources to identify priorities for health improvement in North West London
          • help planning and delivery teams to use data and research more readily to support their work.