Delivery Themes
We have worked with our partners to identify priority areas for improving care in North West London. The Delivery Themes are targeted at areas of high morbidity with high health and care related costs that are recognised areas for improvement within the sector. These include Breathlessness, Early Years and Frailty as areas where local data suggest there is scope to significantly improve quality and value of care. 

Our three Delivery themes are “person-centred” and move from “Symptom” (Breathlessness) through “Whole Person” (Frailty) to “Population” (Early Years). The themes are interlinked and have a common research agenda including the assessment of impacts through the Health Economic Consortium.

Early Years To promote a healthy start for lifelong health and wellbeing.
  • Allergy Care Pathway Rollout (Itchy, Sneezy, Wheezy)
  • Sickle Cell Disease Care Pathway
  • Unscheduled care in the under 5s
  • Adult asthma care bundle 
  • Risk assessment model in pregnancy of unknown location 

Frailty To promote person- and carer-centred health and wellbeing in frail elderly people and other frail groups to deliver improved outcomes and experience, and added value.
  • Medicines Optimisation
  • Frailty Assessment
  • I-Hydrate – Improving hydration in older people in nursing homes to reduce morbidity and prevent hospital admissions
  • Improving outcomes and patient experience using co-designed Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERP) in Oeosphago-gastric (OG) cancer surgery through a peer to peer learning model in the London Cancer Alliance
  • Alcohol Care Bundle for the Acute Medical Unit 

Breathlessness To improve the assessment and care of patients experiencing breathlessness.
  • COPD Primary Care Bundle
  • Acute Heart Failure Bundle
  • Common Rehabilitation for COPD and Heart Failure Patients
  • Hounslow community atrial fibrillation screening project 
  • Developing guided self-help to improve mental and physical wellbeing in people with asthma