Strengthening support for those in need

People in the UK are living longer, but many are living with one or more long-term medical conditions, and for a significant number, this can lead to vulnerability. Frailty can increase the risk of harm to patients and have a negative impact on their quality of life. Frailty is not just confined to older people and can also be caused by mental or physical conditions. 
Our aim with this theme is to promote and develop person and carer centred health and wellbeing to deliver improved outcomes and experience, and create added value for the NHS. 

The impact of frailty is significant and affects families, friends and the overstretched resources of the NHS. The financial costs of frailty are high with the annual cost to the NHS of dementia being £23bn and predicted to rise to £27bn by 2018.  Our work is designed to have a real impact in NW London where frailty is a major concern as these facts and figures for 2011-12 demonstrate.