CLAHRC NWL eLearning Modules on Quality Improvement
CLAHRC NWL has created eLearning modules that aim to make implementing improvements in healthcare more manageable by breaking down quality improvement methods into bite-sized approachable pieces.


The modules will provide the learner with the knowledge either to take part in or lead on quality improvement interventions.

The modules will allow the learner to broaden their knowledge base, reflect on what they are learning and access further resources.

The following modules will be available in the first instance with plans for adding on additional modules in the future:

- Action Effect Method
- Long Term Success
- Measurement for Improvement
- Mental and Physical Wellbeing
- Patient and public engagement and involvement
- Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles
- Process Mapping
- Stakeholder Engagement

Register and access the modules from:

eLearning module content comes in various forms including informative text, videos and a reflective diary.