Improvement Leader Fellowship 2014

Dr. Alice Wu

Dr Alice Wu  graduated from St George’s University, London in 2008.  She is now in her final year of training as a General Practitioner at South Street Medical Centre in Greenwich.   Her CLAHRC NWL fellowship project is a qualitative study of the experience of patients with heart failure exacerbations who are admitted to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital via A&E.  

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Barry Quinn         

Barry is the Clinical Lead for End of Life Care and the Macmillan Lead Nurse for Cancer & Palliative Care at the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, London. He is also Lectures at the University of Surrey and is an editorial board member for a number of international journals.

Barry has worked in the field of cancer & palliative care for over 25 years.  Alongside his clinical and teaching commitments, he has presented at conferences and published.

He is particularly interested in exploring the meaning of spirituality in the context of living with advanced illness. He has recently led a piece of work with the European Oncology Nursing Society on assessing and addressing pain in the cancer setting.

As part of his CLAHRC NWL fellowship programme, Barry is engaged in a piece of work aimed at supporting clinicians to undertake a leadership role in caring for those who are dying. Barry’s work will involve building on the concept of delivering person centred end of life care. It is hoped that the piece of work will help in moving away from the tendency to over-medicalise the dying process and to move towards the idea that care of the dying is a profoundly human endeavour.

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Bynvant Sandhu 

I’m a transplant surgical trainee, currently undertaking some research related to kidney transplantation. Whilst great progress has been made in the field of organ transplantation as a whole, I believe that our systems for service provision are no longer fit for purpose.

My project aims to design a service in collaboration with patients, particularly tailored to the needs of young people with either chronic kidney disease, those on dialysis or those who’ve received a kidney transplant.

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David Gilbert

I am a former mental health service user with 25 years experience of working in patient and public engagement. I am Director of InHealth Associates (a network of engagement specialists) and Co-Director of the Centre for Patient Leadership (with Mark Doughty) that supports patients to influence change.

My project is researching the impact of patient and public engagement.

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Twitter: @DavidGilbert43

Christoph Mueller

Dr Christoph Mueller is a junior psychiatrist in West London Mental Health Trust. He graduated from the University of Leipzig (Germany) in 2008. As part of his medical degree he spent time at the University of Bergen (Norway), King’s College London (UK) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA).  He is the president of the West London Mental Health Trust Trainees’ Forum, an elected body representing all junior doctors in this organization. Dr Mueller has a keen interest in research, was awarded a research MD with highest honours from the University of Leipzig and has published on the interaction of pain receptors in the spinal cord. He is currently studying for an MSc in Psychiatric Research at University College London.  

Dr Mueller is working on several projects on the psychiatric, cognitive and behavioural consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and is exploring the service needs of people with TBI as part of a CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellowship. 

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Twitter: @DrChrisMueller

Dr. Dionne Matthew

Dr. Dionne Matthew is currently a researcher working at Ealing hospital NHS trust as a Cardiology research fellow and a part-time lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science. Dionne obtained her PhD in Cardiovascular health in November 2013. Her research interests include exercise and health promotion, healthcare improvement and the use of technology to enhance patient care. Dionne has worked with several populations including athletes, patients and children; looking at the benefits of various exercise programmes.

Dionne’s PhD research assessed the benefits of using a mobile application for heart rate variability in patients with heart failure. In the future, Dionne plans to conduct research assessing heart failure management and cardiac rehabilitation programmes; hoping to improve patient uptake, completion and sustainability following an exercise rehabilitation programme.

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Twitter: @DMatthew9 

Dr. Grace Ofori-Attah

Dr. Grace Ofori-Attah is a psychiatric specialist registrar working for Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.  She studied preclinical medicine at the University of Cambridge (1st class scholar), before transferring to the University of Oxford to complete her clinical studies.  At Cambridge Dr Ofori-Attah developed an interest in behavioural neurology and during foundation training, she was a research associate at the Institute of Psychiatry.  She is currently working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation to deliver a nationwide school educational programme about drug and alcohol misuse.  As part of this, she is designing a prevalence study of substance misuse amongst 11-18 year olds using app technology in conjunction with Harvard, Bath University and Addaction, which aims to be the largest study of its kind in this age group in the UK.

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Jane McGrath

The aim of my project is a reduction of inappropriate and unnecessary restraint within mental health settings and beyond. I will produce a collection of filmed narratives surrounding actual restraint events that have taken place across local, forensic and high secure services. The narratives will be used to increase understanding of the actual, perceived and emotional triggers and responses of all stakeholders  - these will then be mapped. Responses to the narratives of “the other” will be explored in open filmed discussion. I am a mental health service user and documentary filmmaker. 

I am currently co-producing a project at WLMHT called, Eliminating The Need for Control, Restraint and Seclusion across the Trust, we have two pioneer wards and a very active and authentic working group that has been featured on Radio 4. It is the most exciting and empowering project I have ever been involved with as a patient and I would like to explore the use of authentic co-production in the design, delivery and evaluation of this work.

Twitter: @janemcgrath

Karima Debar

Karima studied Pharmacy at the University of Bath and undertook her pre-registration training at St Georges Hospital in London. She has since worked as a ward pharmacist at both Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham and the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. In addition, she has continued to work as a locum community pharmacist in various settings.

As part of the CLARHC NWL fellowship she is involved in implementing a medication review tool with the overall  aim of reducing the burden of inappropriate medication in the elderly

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Laurent Debenedetti

Laurent Debenedetti works as  an independent consultant in management and organisation of healthcare entities.

After graduating in mathematics, physics, economy  and management science from Ecole des Mines de Paris, France,  he gained experience in managerial and executive positions across many sectors including  petrochemical industry, airlines, textile and healthcare (for over 15 years).

His main interest today is :

  • how to maximise the use of resources in healthcare like it is done in industry. 
  • how to model the consumption of resources (healthcare professionals, beds, theatres, medication etc.) for a given population. 
  • how to predict and analyze the cost of healthcare

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Nick Osborn

Nick Osborn qualified as a nurse in 2003 and started specialising in HIV from 2007. He is currently Clinical Nurse Manager of HIV services at Imperial, managing a team of 12. Nick has a Masters degree is Health Care Law and Ethics and is an Independent Nurse Prescriber.

Nick is developing a training package to increase ward nurses knowledge of HIV.

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Ron Grant

Patient Leader, Prevention, Lifestyle, Patient Engagement & Support. 

Following a massive heart attack and triple bypass. Very passionate about prevention inspired to give something back. Firstly become an active member of Upbeat Heart Prevention & Patient Support Group now the CEO, a role for which in 2013 the British Heart foundation awarded the ‘Heart Hero’ award.

West Middlesex University Hospital awarded the “Inspirational” Volunteers award in 2012 presented by MP Mary Macleod, also in the same year the Barclay’s community spirit “Let's Do It award”

Royal Institute of Public Health Certificate accredited health trainer regularly holds Lifestyle Roadshows in local community cholesterol screening which is aimed at prevention of cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes. Has contributed in a number of CLAHRC NWL projects and now with a current CLAHRC NWL fellowship.

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Sean Butcher

Sean Butcher is a lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Buckinghamshire New University (BNU), and a current CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellow (2014-15). Formerly a graduate at BNU, he later completed a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science before returning to BNU to deliver police studies-related modules at both Foundation and Undergraduate degree level. As a junior researcher (but one with big aspirations!), Sean is currently engaged in a small number of projects with the intention of generating both academic outputs and the potential for service improvements at the intersection of multi-agency collaboration. 

Much of Sean’s research is concerned with the extent to which partner organisations act together, and effectively, to meet the needs of specific groups and service users. In his CLAHRC NWL Fellowship project, Sean is researching the common barriers to effective information-sharing between partner agencies working within multi-agency safeguarding hubs (MASHs), which operate to effectively identify and safeguard vulnerable young people.

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Twitter: @Sean__Butcher


Shelby Webster


A gastroenterologist in North West London. She is a graduate of both University of Cambridge (Medical Sciences, 1st class hons) and Oxford University (BMBCh). She was awarded a Fellowship in Medical Education by the London Deanery in 2011 and completed a Masters in Medical Education with distinction (University of Dundee) in 2014. She pioneered unique multiprofessional simulation-based endoscopy courses in 2013 for healthcare teams across North West London and is looking to develop her passion for staff and patient experience during her CLAHRC NWL fellowship in 2014-15. Shelby is due to take up a new post as Consultant Gastroenterologist at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford in September 2014. Shelby can be contacted at

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Zahra Ghaffari

Zahra is a current CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellow (2014-15), a midwife and a PhD student in Midwifery and Women's Health at University of West London having received a Vice Chancellor's bursary. Her PhD research area is 'The childbirth experiences of non-English speaking migrant women.‘

Zahra completed her BSc degree in Midwifery in Iran in 1989. She has worked in maternity units in the UK as well as Iran and other parts of the Middle East. Her midwifery career includes a broad range of experiences particularly midwifery, management, teaching and research. Undertaking her MA in Midwifery Practice at University of West London in 1997-1999. Her main research interests are: migration, equitable health, cultural safety, effects of language barriers on health status, access, utilisation and outcomes of maternity care. She has also written and published on midwifery issues.

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Twitter: @ZahraGhaffari