Improvement Leader Fellowship 2017
Richard Ballerand

Richard is a tri-national policy advisor and managing partner of Axolotl Associates, a research consultancy. He also sits on the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s Strategic Lay Forum and the University College London Healthcare NHS Trust’s Biomedical Research Centre Neuroscience Panel as Lay Member. With a background in the financial and defence sectors, Richard has several degrees in economics, strategy, and psychology, and has served as a trustee of multiple charities over the years (e.g. Royal Institution, Chelsea Society). He previously served as Chair of C&W Hospital Arts Artbeat and as Member of the University of London Council.

Richard plans to use his Fellowship project to review the frailty pathway in Acute Medicine within Chelsea & Westminster Hospital drawing on his experience of the French and American healthcare systems.

 Email: Twitter: @RMBallerand

Holly Boyd

Holly is a Paediatric Trainee currently working as an Education Fellow at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  As part of the London School of Paediatrics Trainee Committee Vice Chair for NCEL and Curriculum subgroup member, Holly has experience in improving training and education for Paediatric Trainees. Holly has led many successful innovative educational initiatives and service development projects with a particular focus on integrated models of care and patient experience. Thinking Together and the Programme for Integrated Child Health (PICH) have been successfully implemented into the training programme.

 Holly is also completing an MSc at Imperial College Healthcare in Allergy, and as part of her MSc research she has worked alongside adolescent patients with multi-system allergic conditions and their families leading in-depth qualitative interviews and assisting in residential digital storytelling workshops (Patient Voices). Holly has explored what life is really like for these patients and their families and outlined the problems faced, and the need for increased awareness and compassion when it comes to young patients with chronic diseases.

 Holly’s fellowship project will involve working collaboratively with patients and their families with allergic conditions co-producing a buddy system of care. Holly aims to empower these patients and their families to help shape the project based on their needs and preferences. She will incorporate the use of digital patient stories, with the aim of making the digital stories widely available and used amongst people involved in the lives of children and young people with chronic conditions.


Peter Brooks

Peter is a Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Prior to his appointment he undertook clinical and research fellowships at Great Ormond Street Hospital and British Columbia's Children's Hospital in Vancouver. He is a Training Program Director for Imperial School of Anaesthesia and a member of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists Scientific Committee. Recently, he developed a tablet-based app (RELAX Anaesthetics) to distract children and improve their experience during anaesthetic procedures which has won prizes for innovation. Peter plans to use his fellowship project to implement existing quality measurement tools into paediatric anaesthesia practise in the children’s operating theatre at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.


Laura Fischer

Laura is an interdisciplinary practitioner who blends work of both scientific and artistic nature in the aim to open her research to the opportunities that arise from complementary or contradictory relationships. Her focus is on trauma (PTSD, Complex-PTSD, Developmental Trauma) – she researches the neuroscience of traumatic stress and the use of creative practices to reactivate the parts of the brain that are damaged by trauma. Laura’s main project looks at the processing of traumatic memories through a Trauma-Focused Movement Language; a non-verbal form of communication that responds to the neurobiological mechanisms of trauma. As a CLAHRC fellow, she investigates the improvement of trauma treatments through the implementation of such a tool. In addition to her independent work, Laura is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of cross-disciplinary Art and Education collective ONEN ENA and the Co-Founder and Trauma Lead of CWE-Solutions, umbrella organisation for community-led projects in health and social care.

 Email: Twitter: @onen_ena 

Adama Jatta

Adama is the Health & Primary Care Lead for the Westminster Drug Project, City of London service. Her role involves acting as a recovery practitioner for individuals affected by substance & alcohol misuse, coupled with leading on the creation and improvement of referral pathways between WDP and other relevant organisations. She also works alongside GP surgeries and clinical teams to lead on providing pharmacological interventions to service users. Adama is a qualified pharmacist, and from 2008 till 2016 she practiced as both a community pharmacist and pharmacist manager. Her years in pharmacy have led to her ongoing interest and passion in looking at potential ways of improving healthcare systems. She is therefore currently also completing a part-time Masters in Public Health. 

 Her experiences have shown that poor referral pathways, poor communications, and poor understanding amongst different health and social care organisations can inevitably result in an inefficient level of care provided to service users and patients. Adama’s fellowship project is to therefore explore the different factors which could lead to poor integrated care and poor patient and service user focus, and to then look into ways of improving communications and understanding between different health & social care organisations in order to improve the integrated care that substance misuse service users receive, with the aim of improving their overall recovery outcomes.


Ivo Kolev

Ivo is working in A&E as a Specialty Doctor. His interest in problem solving and research has led him to completing an MSc in Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering in UCL. In order to gain experience after the research (Phase I) he worked for a Clinical Research Organisation where he gained skills in Phase II and III trials. Having the clinical experience of A&E/Orthopaedics/Elderly Care Medicine, being backed by the experience of the research world has given him a strong interest in finding ways to make improvements in the Healthcare setting and finding approachable ways of implementing them. Currently working with the Directors of Hillingdon Hospital, CNWL and CCG to find cost effective ways to make sustainable improvements. The Fellowship Project aims to improve patient capacity, which would improve patient satisfaction and performance of a busy A&E department.

 Email:  Twitter: @kolevucl

Ammu Mathew

Ammu is a cardiology nurse specialist working in quality improvement projects at the Chelsea and Westminster NHS foundation trust and is based at west Middlesex hospital. Her background is in the cardio thoracic intensive care and is very passionate about cardiac nursing. The current role with the quality improvement project have led to her understanding of vast and demonstrable improvement opportunity at the primary and secondary  health care settings. Her work focuses on the improvement initiatives implemented to improve management and care of Atrial fibrillation and heart failure patients. 

 Her experience with Atrial fibrillation patients supported a clear knowledge gap that existed with understanding long term complications. With the NIHR improvement leader fellowship , Ammu plans to use educational interventions to improve quality of life and healthcare outcomes for patients with long term cardiac conditions . 


Ali Shah

Ali is senior physiotherapist at Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust who has been practicing for more than 10 years. He developed a strong interest in research while undertaking a MSc. in Physiotherapy at UEL. Ali has worked in about nine different NHS Trusts gaining experience in different practices in wider clinical settings. Ali current project is to explore the improvement possibilities in current CRS triage process.

Ali Plans to use fellowship in service development and quality improvement within NHS.

Email:  Ali.Shah@HRCH.NHS.UK

Sunita Sharma

Sunita is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she is the Obstetric lead for Postnatal Services and Co-Chair of the maternity experience committee. She is a member of the London Clinical Network Postnatal and Maternity Experience subgroups. She is passionate about making women’s voice heard and their experience guiding how clinical service is delivered. She developed a mum and baby app to empower women with validated information on how best to take care of themselves and their baby in the immediate postnatal period. Sunita’s fellowship project aims to improve women’s experience during inpatient postnatal period by adopting a design thinking approach. 

Email: Twitter: @SunitaS2016

Lucy Keating

Lucy is currently a team leader in the liaison psychiatry service at Northwick Park Hospital. She will be taking up a team manager’s role at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in September 2017. She has been working with the liaison team at Northwick Park for the past 4 years. She has experience of working on acute admission mental health wards as a staff nurse and ward manager. She was involved in the setting up of a crisis house in one of the London Boroughs. Her CLAHRC project is part of a trio with the Dr Kington and older adults consultant at Northwick Park Hospital and Fungayi Useya the team manager at Northwick Park Hospital aiming to improve age appropriate care for patients referred to Liaison teams, within CNWL.


Justin Kington

Justin works as a consultant in liaison psychiatry at Northwick Park Hospital. His interests are predominantly in older people’s care in hospital. He is working with Lucy and Fungayi from the same team to improve age-appropriate care delivery.


Fungayi Useya

Fungayi is a Liaison Psychiatry team manager at Northwick Park Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital. He has experience of working in mental health rehabilitation unit, acute mental health wards and older adults wards as a staff nurse and team leader. He has also worked as a practice development nurse before working as a ward manager, matron and home treatment team manager. He set up the liaison psychiatry team at Northwick Park Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital in 2012. Fungayi aims for the Liaison team to have a culture of quality improvement embedded in their day to day practice. His CLAHRC fellowship project is with two other colleagues from the team, the team’s older adults lead consultant psychiatrist and the team leader. The project aim is to provide high quality age appropriate care for patients referred to liaison psychiatry team at Northwick Park Hospital 24hrs a day.


Tai Frater

Tai is an occupational therapist who specialises in work with children, young people and families.  In 2011 she was awarded the Elizabeth Casson Memorial Scholarship to study for her MSc in Occupational Therapy at Tufts University in Boston, USA.  On her return she joined Brunel University London as an Academic (Education) Lecturer in the College of Health and Life Sciences.  At Brunel Tai is involved in a range of innovative educational projects particularly championing the use of technology and blended learning approaches and involving service users in delivery of education on evidence-based practice.  She is actively involved in research on outcome measurement for children with brain injuries and inclusive education in Pakistan.  Since 2014 Tai has been a trustee for the Elizabeth Casson Trust which aims to further the occupational therapy profession in the UK.  Tai is passionate about promoting the use of evidence based practice by allied health professionals and in facilitating the participation of children and families in home and community life.  Her CLAHRC NWL fellowship project will combine these interests by exploring the use of shared decision making training and motivational interviewing by professionals to help children and families participate fully in decisions about their health, education and well-being.

Email:  Twitter: @tai_the_ot