Lewisham and Greenwich Trust Fellows 2018

Amanda Rolland

Amanda is a passionate, dynamic and strategic thinking Registered Nurse with the ability to rise to the challenge and work within partnerships to improve the experience of both staff and patients. She leads by engaging and motivating others to act; being creative, innovative and enthusiastic about staff development with the aim to improve health care delivery and outcomes.  

Amanda has an MSc in Advanced Nursing Practice and significant experience in managing strategic priorities at local, regional and national level to improve patient care through workforce transformation. Winner of the Nursing Times Award 2005 for the development of a local Essence of Care benchmark to support the prevention of healthcare acquired infections across three counties.

Amanda currently works as the Head of Nursing for Workforce and Education at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust. She is accountable for the delivery and oversight of recruitment, retention, electronic rostering and the development of a co-produced nursing and midwifery workforce plan that meets patient needs and service priorities. This includes the development of the new Nursing Associate role, which will work alongside existing healthcare support workers and registered nurses to deliver hands-on care for patients; as valued members of the team and promoting safe, confident and competent practitioners, regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Duncan Stamp

Duncan Stamp has been a Physiotherapist in the NHS for 14 years, working holistically with patients to maximise their quality of life. 
His clinical expertise lies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy where he leads a large team to deliver quality outpatient services to patients based on evidence-based principles. Duncan has worked closely with the Health Innovation Network, with whom he has been published following innovative projects to empower patients in self-management of long-term conditions. He remains clinical and works as an Extended-Scope Practitioner specialising in shoulders. Duncan leads a large team of therapists working across acute and community services.
His passion lies in improving the quality of patient experience through innovation and empowering teams to work more effectively. He is driven by the potential for Allied Health Professionals to find solutions to many of the challenges facing current healthcare services. Duncan lives in Kent where he enjoys an outdoor life with his young family. He is currently Head of Musculoskeletal Therapies at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

Twitter: @duncstamp

Karen Gardiner

As Head of Nursing with key responsibilities for Quality, Safety and Patient Experience; Karen is a bold and visible leader who is driven by the need to make a difference for staff and patients.  
Working with two colleagues from Surgery, Karen hopes to have opportunities to enhance her improvement skills and embed a new model of care within the surgical emergency pathway.
Karen has a proven track record in improving safety through her work in bringing quality indicators to life at a ward level and fighting to restore the Day Care Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital to deliver that service; as opposed to being utilised as an escalation area.
Karen loves to learn and as an extrovert enjoys group dynamics and working with colleagues from outside her usual sphere of influence.

Lucy Carter

Lucy Carter is a physiotherapist with a significant clinical background in stroke rehabilitation. She has subsequently held a number of leadership roles within therapies both in hospital and community settings, with an increasing focus on integrated ways of working. She has led on developing pathways between different settings and across organisations and is always interested to see how we can improve our services by working together and doing things differently.
Lucy is currently Head of Therapies for Health and Social Care at Lewisham and Greenwich Trust in South London. She is working with Duncan and Lynda to redesign therapy services in the community in order to facilitate the earlier and safe discharge of patients into the community, at the same time as providing appropriate levels of assessment and treatment in the best place at the right time
Lucy loves working in London, but living in Kent. She enjoys getting out in the countryside with family, friends and a small fluffy dog.

Lynda Rayner

Lynda is the Lead Occupational Therapist in the Community for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.
Her background is primarily within the community. This has included day rehabilitation services, rapid supported discharge, admission avoidance, community therapy, community stroke and supported discharge. Her MSc in Interprofessional Health and Social Care looked at patient satisfaction with the rehabilitation provided by the supported discharge team after patients had been discharged from hospital.
Lynda is working with Lucy and Duncan to redesign therapy services in the community so that we can facilitate the earlier and safe discharge of patients into the community at the same time as providing appropriate levels of assessment and treatment in the best place at the right time.

Paolo Sorelli

Paolo is a Laparoscopic Colorectal Consultant at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust. Since his appointment in 2014 he has significantly contributed to the running and growth of the colorectal department, in particular developing the laparoscopic service and improving outcomes of patients suffering from bowel cancer. Since taking up the role of Clinical Director for Surgery in January 2018, Paolo has been committed to improving services for the teams, trainees and our patients. He has been instrumental in implementing the required changes to the workforce models and infrastructure within the trust improving the way our services are delivered. Paolo is driven to make positive effective change within the surgical services, and his team’s CLAHRC project: “Emergency Surgery Ambulatory Care pathways” focuses on remodelling the way emergency surgery care is delivered to ensure a much improved patient experience whilst maximising hospital and workforce resources, encouraging all stakeholders to be part of the journey to success by ensuring engagement, open discussion and visibility.

Sarah Lacey

Sarah Lacey is a senior manager at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS trust.  Sarah has 14 years extensive experience in operational management and service delivery which has allowed her to support service developments which benefit patients and service users as well as supporting the delivery the trusts access targets and CQUINs.  Sarah is passionate and committed to improving patient pathways, streamlining processes and improving patients experience with the trust.  Sarah’s CLAHRC project, Emergency Surgery Ambulatory Care pathways will allow her, with her team, to expedite patient’s pathways, avoid unnecessary admissions and attendances whilst also ensuring we continue to deliver safe, high quality care to our patients.  Safer, Better, Faster.

Vicky Smith

Vicky is the Apprenticeship Lead at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this role Vicky was the Placement Development Manager supporting students and placements in community settings. She has worked in a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles across South East London for nearly 30 years. This includes cardio thoracic and stroke nursing, District Nursing, change management projects and career development of staff. She is also a Staff Governor. 
Vicky has always put the patient at the heart of everything she does whether in a clinical or non-clinical role and remains passionate about this. She strives for excellence in the NHS and is constantly looking at best practice. 
Vicky, Amanda Rolland and Vikki Coleman from Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust have formed a trio partnership and their project is aiming to train, retain and embed the new Nursing Associate role into their respective organisations.

Vikki Coleman

Vikki Coleman is a Midwife, currently seconded to a project management role.  She trained and works in London, with experience of working in a variety of maternity settings. 
She was the Midwifery Practice Based Clinical Facilitator at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.  In this role she worked in partnership with Higher Educational Institutions, was a member of several pan London steering groups and developed the Midwifery education and recruitment team at her Trust.
Vikki is a passionate advocate of the importance of mentorship and “getting it right”.  She believes education, training and development are essential foundations to delivering evidenced based, safe, effective, quality services.  
Vikki is collaboratively working with Amanda Rolland and Vicky Smith and their NIHR CLAHRC NWL Improvement Leader Fellowship project focuses on new role development; specifically the introduction and embedding of the Nursing Associate role in their respective organisations.  
The projects catchphrase “trained and remained”, alludes to the fact that a long term approach is being taken with recruitment, career pathways and retention within the NHS as key indicators of success.

Ann-Marie Coiley

Ann-Marie is Head of Nursing Acute and Emergency Medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She is a passionate, compassionate and innovative clinical nurse leader with more than 20 years experience. 
As part of the fellowship Ann-Marie is working in a team of three. The aim of the project is to improve the experience and outcomes of the patients who attend the Emergency Department. In order to achieve this aim, the SAFER care bundle will be fully implemented on all adult wards with a focus on criterion led discharge. By facilitating earlier, safer discharge the patients will be able to move from the ED in a more timely way and be admitted to the right bed first time.
Ann-Marie is currently employed in Lewisham and Greenwich Trust as the Head of Nursing for Acute and Emergency Medicine on the Queen Elizabeth site. She has been in this role for 18 months. Ann-Marie has a broad range of acute experience including gynaecology, surgery and medicine.
Ann-Marie is a mother of one and lives in South East London with her husband, daughter and 2 cats. She is currently training to complete her first half marathon.