MSc Improvement Science

The CLAHRC NWL, in partnership with the University of West London, provides a Master's degree in Improvement Science. The MSc Improvement Science builds upon the extensive experience of the CLAHRC NWL in working with frontline and support staff across the northwest London health and social care sector.

The MSc is a work based learning programme, where students will work on an improvement project, in their workplace. Students will study improvement science methodology and theory, directly putting into practice what they learn in the change efforts they are making in their workplace.

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Students on the MSc Improvement Science will focus on:
  • understanding care from the perspective of patients and carers through engaging patients and members of the community with the design and development of care
  • bringing research more rapidly into everyday practice, utilising rapid-cycle research, improvement methodologies and rigorous evaluation of clinical and cost effectiveness
  • adopting an industrial standard of quality in the healthcare sector (NHS, social care, voluntary sector) through utilising information to drive evidence based implementation and support evidence based practice
  • increasing individual’s capacity to implement change and improvements across professional and organisational boundaries.